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in downtown Pacific City, Oregon

Shannon Carlson and Jonathan LuczyckiOpening AtROWBOAT GALLERY and HEADLANDS LODGE

Rowboat Gallery, in conjunction with the recently opened Headlands Coastal Lodge & Spa at Cape Kiwanda, will host an exhibition of paintings by Portland artists Shannon Carlson and Jonathan Luczycki, with opening events at both locations on Saturday, June 30.

Both Carlson and Luczycki have strong ties to Pacific City, and both have cultivated an enduring fascination with the local headllands, beaches and basalt monoliths, and the dynamic interactions of these landforms with the ocean and atmosphere. The exhibit, titled “Land & Sea,” explores this interplay of natural forces with two quite different, but complementary, artistic approaches.

As a young artist, Jonathan Luczycki committed to mastering classical techniques of painting in oil directly from life. After graduating from Laguna College of Art & Design, he returned to his native Oregon and began pursuing a full-time career as an artist while continuing to refine his craft and power of observation through constant practice—painting on location whenever and wherever possible. Although he has been showing work in both California and Oregon since 2002, this will be his first show on the Oregon Coast.

Shannon Carlson is also an Oregon native who, while living, studying and traveling elsewhere, is always returning to a family home in Pacific City for artistic inspiration. Carlson works with encaustics—hot beeswax mixed with pigment—to build up richly layered surfaces on wood panels. Her imagery evokes timeless, abstracted landscapes and an almost dreamlike recollection of place and time. She artfully balances this imagery with her bold, vigorous application of tactile wax and pigment that makes reference back to the painting process itself. She has shown her work primarily in the Portland area, and, as with Luczycki, this is her first show at the Coast.

The new Headlands Lodge, overlooking Haystack Rock and Cape Kiwanda, has been carefully designed to reflect and highlight its unique location, with the display of original art an important part of creating stimulating interior spaces that invite appreciation and exploration of the surrounding environment. Rowboat Gallery has worked with the Headlands Lodge to place a number of its artists in the hotel’s permanent collection, including John Stahl, Liisa Rahkonen, Michael Schlicting, Maya Kabat, Kevin Shluka, Judy Vogland and Norm Eder. With the upcoming show, Land & Sea, the two venues hope to expand the opportunities for both visitors and local residents to experience a heightened awareness of place through the art of painting.