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Carved and painted wood figures by Stan Peterson
are on currently on display, including "Psychotherapy" (above).

Stan recently moved to Portland from San Francisco, and we are pleased to have a number of his wonderful pieces here at the coast.

…more at Stan's website

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Judy Vogland and daughter Taylor Vogland Dreiling have a number of pieces still available at the gallery following their provocative mixed media show "Making Connections" in July.

…Judy Vogland: Connections
…Taylor Vogland Dreiling: Connections

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John Stahl has brought in a number of of exciting pieces that are new to the gallery, including watercolors and mixed media collage works. Cascade, above, is a large panel combining painting and paper collage.


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Andie Thrams explains that her influences “include medieval herbals, icons and illuminated manuscripts; Chinese and Japanese paintings and woodblock prints; comics and graphic novels; the tradition of the natural history field journal; and 1950′s Disney animation,” and these influences have evolved into an exploration of folded book forms based on her field journal images. Several of these stunning art books were included in Andie's recent Rowboat exhibit.


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Grayson Malone received a Best of Show Award at the Utah Arts Festival this last summer, exhibited in the Bellevue Art Museum's annual Arts Fair, and was at the Art in Pearl festival in Portland, where she won another Best of Show last year.
Grayson was our featured artist in Sept, along with fiber artists Leslie Gordon, Lily Hoodock, and Christina Conklin, and we currently have some wonderful examples of
Grayson's work at Rowboat.


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Local residents telling true stories…