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New paintings and stoneware sculpture by Liisa Rahkonen remain on display following the July show featuring Liisa's work and Corvallis ceramic artists Barb Campbell and Javier Cervantes. We will also be keeping several of Barb and Javier's evocative soda/ash kiln fired vessel forms and wall pieces for another month.

More of the artists' work can be viewed at
Liisa's and Barb's websites.
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OPB Art Beat crew visits Rowboat Gallery and interviews Judith for an upcoming segment featuring Grayson Malone, who has a number of wonderful new pieces currently at the gallery, including the three cast concrete wall panels above.

A short promo for the Art Beat episode, which will air later this fall, can be seen at the
OPB website.
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John Stahl has brought in a number of of exciting pieces that are new to the gallery, including watercolors and mixed media collage works. Cascade, above, is a large panel combining painting and paper collage.


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Andie Thrams explains that her influences “include medieval herbals, icons and illuminated manuscripts; Chinese and Japanese paintings and woodblock prints; comics and graphic novels; the tradition of the natural history field journal; and 1950′s Disney animation,” and these influences have evolved into an exploration of folded book forms based on her field journal images. Several of these stunning art books were included in Andie's recent Rowboat exhibit.


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Grayson Malone received a Best of Show Award at the Utah Arts Festival this last summer, and will be at the Bellevue Art Museum's annual Arts Fair again this summer, as well as the Art in Pearl festival in Portland, where she has previously won another Best of Show.


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